I work on projects in my spare time to fulfill selfish goals and enhance my skillsets across multiple disciplines.

Active / Ongoing


  • Earn the RTO 1 certification.
    • I’ve had the RTO 1 course/exam for over 1.5 years and simply need to complete it.
  • Finishing the Sektor7 Institute courses.
    • I purchased all the courses and simply need to dive back into the malware-authoring goodness!


  • Adlerschlag
    • C2 development and research.
  • Earn the RTO 2 certification.
    • The certification picks up where RTO 1 left off.


  • Learning the German language
    • Using Duolingo and German audio for shows and movies.


  • Gleaming the Gibson: A Hacker Podcast
    • Podcast where I get to know the people in our hacking space. War stories and technical insights are not the focus.
    • No new episodes will be released. I will do another more professional, organized, and simply better podcast under the Sogon Security umbrella… at some point.

Backlog / Dreams / Ideas

  • DIY old-school hacker zine, rooted around malware and security research.
    • Focus isn’t on the new 0-days or discoveries, but more about exploration into the space for my friends and me while also making a dope zine.
  • “Black Hat C” ebook is more for me than anyone else, but I may as well put it into a book.
    • There are books for Python, Go, and even C# but not for C. Perhaps this was all fundamental hacker knowledge at one time, as we all started in C, but not anymore? Either way, it will be fun to go through all the basics of doing things and write demo code and programs for it all!
  • Malware Development and Reversing Your Malware course (naming is terrible, I know)
    • Three domains: malware development, reversing malware for analysis, and reversing malware for development/optimization.
  • Start a late 1900s hacker group, but like in this decade, with that same feeling.
    • It is not a recruiting or applying thing. It will just be my friends having fun hacking stuff together!
  • Blogging
    • I have plans on what to blog but simply need to schedule and start work on it. I’m not a blogger and don’t want to do it regularly.
  • New podcast under the Sogon Security umbrella
    • I’m not entirely sure what the format and everything will be about. Still, it will undoubtedly be about malware, reverse engineering, threat intel, and red team op/dev (aligned with Sogon Security’s mission). I’ll even pay for quality guests if I have to.