Ghidra Training Course

June 01, 2022

I’m working on building a free Ghidra training course. It may be done by the end of 2022.

What is Ghidra?

Ghidra is basically a powerful program for reverse engineering developed by the NSA that rivals IDA Pro in many respects, at least pertaining to the portions demonstrated in this course. It is defined as “a software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools.”

Course Contents

I’m not entirely sure what will be in the course yet (still outlining and brainstorming), but I do have these goals in mind.

  • Learn to use Ghidra well
  • Remove the intimidation or fear from the program and process
  • Empower folks to take Ghidra and reverse engineering on
    • It isn’t only for other people, it is for you, too
  • Reverse engineer cool stuff like real malware
  • Demonstrate you don’t need to know much assembly programming language to get started