What I Am Creating For You

I’m building my C2, Adlerschlag, and using it to make a training course on writing malware, reverse engineering malware for analysis, and using reverse engineering for implementing techniques.

I feel it is essential not simply to implement malware techniques but truly understand what is happening from a malware analysis point of view (what are the Blue Team folks seeing).

We’ll crack open the mystery of what all these complicated techniques are doing.

For example, bypassing libraries for syscalls and calling them directly in assembly is something anyone can do, but using debugging and reverse engineering, we can shatter the “magic” of it all.

It is an incredible time to learn all these things with all the free resources available such as Ghidra and VX Underground, and affordable paid courses offered by Zero Point Security, Sektor7 Institute, and Pentester Academy that genuinely care about teaching you and not try harder to take all your money. The only thing stopping anyone from learning all these things is effort and time.

So, while I’m not an expert in all these areas in the course, I feel working on the course will enable me to come close enough to teach it with confidence, integrity, and purpose.

I will become proficient in all the areas I want to teach, come hell or high water.

This course will combine all my knowledge on the subject matter into a single course. I am aiming for late 2023, yet it is an estimate. There are a lot of factors involved. So, during that time, a lot of my time will be spent either learning from others, doing my independent research, or putting in the hard work on software development, creating labs, and writing course documents.