2022 Personal Goals

As mentioned in a Twitter post, I decided on a few goals for 2022 that are obtainable and not too crazy. Last year’s goals were a bit too aggressive, making this year’s goals more reasonable.

The goals are:

  • Complete the Zero-Point Security RTO course, lab, and exam.
    • Measurable in that either I did it or I didn’t. 
  • Eat healthier, drop fat, increase physical abilities.
    • The bar is pretty low now, in that I’m a couch potato and don’t always watch what I eat. So, it should be pretty simple to improve. Hoping it is like a snowball rolling downhill, start small and it takes a life of its own.
  • Decode the Matrix of OpenBSD kernel code and contribute to the project as a developer in some way.
    • This sounds measurable, if a patch I submit gets committed, etc; but this is mostly a hobby of decoding the OpenBSD kernel and figuring out how the UVM, vmd, and filesystem subsystems work. 
  • Play my bass more, for my personal enjoyment even if playing two-chord simple songs. No pressure enjoyment with trying to reach some ability.
    • This is perhaps measurable in that am I playing my bass and enjoying playing it? Most of my bass time should be playing and not studying. Thinking of Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead jam sessions kind of thing.