About Sogon Security, LLC

  • Company
    • Sogon Security, LLC is a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company.
  • Website
    • SogonSecurity.com is its website and primary domain name.
  • Leadership
    • Christoff Humphries (aka Christoff Sogon) is the owner and CEO.
  • Mission
    • Sogon Security is a company focused on security training and research for malware development and reverse engineering.
  • Core Guiding Principles (CGPs)
    • Get Trained: continue to train to a skill level you want to be at, and never give up.
    • Give Back: Help others as others have helped you; pay it forward.
    • Go Attack: Take the skills you’ve learned in courses and labs and implement them.

This company is simply an extension of me trying to get good at my CGPs.

  • Get Trained: It provides me with a high goal to achieve in a time-boxed window to get it done in.
  • Give Back: It provides me a platform to teach others in a way I believe could be beneficial or better for those like me with weirdo brains…also because there isn’t much out there that really goes in-depth into topics. I want your brain to be oriented for research yourself; the tooling doesn’t matter in the end. You are the weapon!
  • Go Attack: I get to build labs, do research, and study techniques and their implementation at a hands-on level.

I don’t have a business plan, and this isn’t a business profit venture at this time. It would be ideal for the training to have a certificate at the end and a challenge coin, but that’s still a ways off. I may even give it all away.

It isn’t about the money; it’s about sending a message.

I want my CGPs to be just a part of who I am, and what I do is the message. Ultimately, it would be awesome to help someone at the same time in a real way, too.

About Christoff, Human

For 20+ years, I worked as a Linux/BSD sysadmin, AWS architect/admin, MySQL/PostgreSQL DBA, and polyglot programmer before changing careers to pentesting in 2020.

Now I spend time improving my pentesting skills, learning more about writing and reverse engineering malware, developing training materials, and being a better speaker and communicator.

I am excited to have my first course completed at the end of 2023! All roads lead there.

In my downtime and non-hobbies, I mostly watch YouTube and Twitch for games or subjects I find interesting, binge-watch shows with my beautiful wife, or hang out with friends and random people (while trying to contain my “story vampire” excitement when people open up to me with new stories)!

I like bourbon. I accept them as gifts.

I also like running TTRPG games like D&D. I keep wanting to get regular games going to relax, be creative, and enjoy that group-shared storytelling and fun experience. Soon?

Social Media/Chat: LinkedIn, Twitter, “christoff” on Libera IRC.