Greetings, Programs!

My name is Christoff, and I enjoy working remotely as a penetration tester at CyberOne Security, TeamAres, podcasting with the Gleaming the Gibson Podcast, and coding Clutching Pearls C2.

For 20+ years, I worked as a Linux/BSD sysadmin, AWS architect/admin, MySQL/PostgreSQL DBA, and polyglot programmer before changing careers to pentesting in 2020.

Now I spend time improving my pentesting skills, learning more about writing and reverse engineering malware, developing training materials, and being a better speaker and communicator.

In my downtime and non-hobbies, I mostly watch YouTube and Twitch for games or subjects I find interesting, binge-watch shows with my beautiful wife, or hang out with friends and random people (while trying to contain my “story vampire” excitement when people open up to me with new stories)!

Contact Me

Reach out to me via email (PGP), Twitter, Github, or LinkedIn.

If you need help or have hacking-related questions, feel free to contact me, and I’ll do my best to help.

About Sogon Security

Sogon Security, LLC is my company, and this is its website. I’m the only shareholder. So, this is my website, and doing whatever I want with it. So, that’s generating zero revenue while running in the red, as an uhh strategic decision, while focusing on educating and helping hackers. I may need an editor.

On Blogging

I rarely blog. While I did have wild ambitions of being a fantastic blogger pumping out great content regularly, I don’t have a passion for doing it. I will work on structured training materials and programming instead.

So, any blog posts from 2022+ will likely be me answering something I’ve been asked and believe posting it could help others.